About Thato Molamu

All about Thato Molamu

Thato Molamu has become a household name for his acting roles in soapies and dramas that are watched by millions of South African viewers. His love for the performance arts started at the age of 12 when he was introduced to theatre. He has since then performed at festivals and major concerts, including the Macufe Arts festival, Taung Calabash, Grahamstown Festival, 52 Seasons at the South African State Theatre, the Black Arts Festival in Senegal, Edinburgh Arts festival in Scotland and Black Arts Fest in Birmingham, London.

Thato Molamu Showreel: http://bit.ly/1VBjK96

What makes this 30-year-old remarkable, is his plight and passion for social and economic development in his country. His passion for helping others derives from his humble upbringing in Mafikeng in the North-West province.

Thato uses his popularity as an actor to raise awareness on social issues affecting South Africa and the global community.

Thato is the founder of Gateway Media South Africa and the Men For Women Foundation. Gateway Media specialises in producing innovative CSI Solutions. Men for Women is an initiative that promotes gender equality through social activities.


 Work Portfolio 

1996          Jack In The Box as Duffy (Director: Kgomotso Sekhabi)

1998          Macbeth as Macbeth

2001          Midsummer Night's Dream as Lysander - North West Arts Council (Director: Paul Grootboom)

2001          King Lear as Edmund (The Bastard Son) - Grahamstown Arts Festival (Director: Paul Grootboom)

2003          Hamlet as Laertes - Pretoria State Theatre (Director - Paul Grootboom)

2004          Where The Sun Rises as Narrator (Musical) - Macufe, 52 Seasons Festival State Theatre, Grahamstown Arts                                

-                Festival (Director Pogiso Mogwera)

2005          Study Year: Film And Directing

2006          Cards as Olay - Pretoria State Theatre (Director: Paul Grootboom) 

2007          Meropa Musical as Phuti - Pretoria State Theatre (Director: Klaas Motobejani)

2007          Township stories as Dario - 3 months UK Tour (Director: Paul Grootboom)

2006          Silent Voice as Charlie X - Pretoria State Theatre and Market Theatre (Director: Aubrey Sekhabi